Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle
Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle

Snowpeak P35X Wood Air Rifle

Snowpeak P35X with wooden stock

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Snowpeak P35X Wood


This Snowpeak P35X bullpup has a durable thumbhole stock made of wood, that can be operated ambidextrously. The comfortable pistol grip feels great in your hands and it has a rough texture on both sides for added grip. That same rough texture is also on both sides of the fore-end. The P35X by Snowpeak (formerly known as Artemis) features an elevated cheek rest that allows you to line your eye up perfectly with a scope.

Despite its compact design, the P35X bullpup has a barrel with a length of no less than 531 mm. It’s a highly accurate barrel that’s primarily suited for long-range shooting. Since open sights would barely be of use with a long-range rifle such as this, the P35X has no sights of its own. Instead, it has an elevated Weaver/Picatinny scope rail, which can be used to mount a rifle scope of your choosing.

There’s a 280 cc PCP-cylinder located just below the barrel and it has a fill pressure of 250 bar. You can extend the front end to reveal the fill port. The Snowpeak P35X features a regulator which creates the desired fill pressure in the 65 cc plenum, so you can shoot with increased consistency.

Snowpeak’s bullpup uses a magazine. There are different magazines that can be loaded with different calibres. Each calibre has its own magazine capacity, as indicated below:
• 4.5 mm / .177 has a capacity of 11x
• 5.5 mm / .22 has a capacity of 9x
• 6.35 mm / .25 has a capacity of 8x
It’s a bullpup, which means the magazine slots into the back end of the P35X, just below the cheek rest. Reloading is done by pulling back the side lever.


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.177 / 4,5, .22 / 5,5, .25 / 6,35



Energy (Joule / ft.lbs)

22/16, 34/25, 46/34

Velocity (m/s / fps)

213/700, 243/800 (.25), 274/900 (.177)

Cocking system

Side lever

Magazine capacity

11 (.177), 8 (.25), 9 (.22)

Weight (gram)


Barrel length (mm)

Length (mm)


Mounting base

Weaver / Picatinny



Stock material


Extra accessories included

Magazine, O-ring kit, Pellets, Tools

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