FX Impact M3 Compact bronze Air Rifle
FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle
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FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle
FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle
FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle
FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle
FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle
Video FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle

FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle

FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Airrifle

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FX Impact M3 Compact Bronze Air Rifle

Embark on a journey of unparalleled performance and customization with the FX Impact M3 Bronze Compact. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Impact MKII, this cutting-edge air rifle pushes the boundaries of accuracy and adaptability to new heights.

At the forefront of the FX Impact M3 Bronze Compact’s groundbreaking features is its revolutionary Dual Regulator System, a testament to FX Airguns’ commitment to precision engineering. By incorporating two regulators, this system optimizes pressure management, ensuring unparalleled consistency and shot-to-shot accuracy. The first regulator alleviates pressure on the secondary regulator, allowing it to operate with enhanced sensitivity and precision—a hallmark of the FX Impact series. Moreover, with the option to mount a high-pressure air reservoir of up to 300 bar, shooters can enjoy extended shooting sessions without compromising performance. Equipped with individual pressure gauges for both regulators, as well as a fill pressure gauge, the FX Impact M3 Bronze Compact offers great control over every aspect of your shooting experience.

Enhancing its power and performance capabilities, the FX Impact M3 Bronze Compact features a larger Power Plenum 720, boasting a 72 cc air capacity that delivers great energy and velocity for shooting slugs with unprecedented force. Whether you’re seeking blistering speeds or pinpoint precision, the adjustable power settings allow you to tailor the rifle’s performance to suit your individual preferences, while maintaining exceptional consistency shot after shot. Additionally, the Quick Tune System provides enhanced adjustability for the hammer spring preload, with 16 macro adjustment steps and micro fine-tuning capability, ensuring precise control over velocity and shot count across different calibers and regulator pressures.

The redesigned short stroke side-lever cocking mechanism features an enlarged knob for smoother operation, now seamlessly adjustable from right to left for enhanced ergonomics. The match-grade trigger boasts both angle and length adjustments, catering to shooters of all hand sizes and preferences. Furthermore, the dual-hole transfer port accommodates both standard pellets and heavy slugs with ease, ensuring optimal performance regardless of your chosen ammunition.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the FX Impact M3 Bronze Compact features a 20 MOA Weaver/Picatinny scope rail, providing ample adjustment for long-range shooting, along with multiple accessory rails for added versatility.

FX Impact M3 Bronze Compact offers universal usability out of the box, with maximum performance achievable through the myriad of adjustment options available. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman seeking precision perfection or an avid enthusiast exploring the limits of customization, the FX Impact M3 Bronze Compact stands ready to exceed your expectations, redefining the boundaries of airgun excellence with every shot.

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