FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 Airrifle
FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 Airrifle
FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 Airrifle
FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 Airrifle
FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 Airrifle

FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 Airrifle

The FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 combines classic aesthetics with modern technology to deliver a high-performance air rifle suitable for both recreational shooting and competitive use. Its innovative design, advanced features, and meticulous craftsmanship make it a top choice for discerning airgun enthusiasts.

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FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 Airrifle

The FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 is packed with cutting-edge technology internally. It offers various tuning options, including an externally adjustable regulator and adjustable hammer spring tension, allowing shooters to fine-tune performance to their preferences. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Integrated Air Reservoir: The first FX air rifle to feature the air reservoir integrated into the barrel shroud, eliminating the need for a separate cylinder or tank underneath the barrel. This design not only reduces the overall profile of the air rifle but also enhances shooting comfort and facilitates transportation and storage.
  2. Adjustable Regulator: Equipped with an AMP MkII regulator, the FX DRS ensures consistent shot-to-shot pressure by allowing users to externally adjust the regulator pressure. This feature simplifies the process of optimizing pressure settings for different projectiles, ensuring optimal accuracy and shot consistency.
  3. Adjustable Hammer Spring: The hammer spring tension can be adjusted by removing the stock, providing users with the ability to fine-tune the airflow and optimize projectile velocity for maximum efficiency and consistency.
  4. High Power Plenum: Incorporates the FX High Power plenum, which is the air reservoir chamber between the regulator and the valve. The plenum is designed to store the regulated air supply required for each shot, providing sufficient air volume for projectiles of various sizes and velocities while maintaining shot-to-shot consistency.
  5. Superior STX Barrel System: Features a removable liner with precision-engineered rifling and lands pressed from the outside, resulting in minimal friction and optimal sealing around the projectile. Additionally, models with an HP plenum and calibers 5.5 or 6.35 come with a Dual Hole transfer port for versatility in ammunition choice.
  6. Grade 2 Walnut Stock: Crafted from high-quality Grade 2 walnut by renowned Italian manufacturer Minelli, the stock of the FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500 offers excellent ergonomics and a stylish finish, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the air rifle.
  7. Adjustable Trigger: Comes with a fully adjustable trigger, allowing shooters to customize both the first and second stage as well as the position and height of the trigger blade for optimal shooting comfort and control.
  8. Magazine Options and Rails: Includes a standard mini-magazine for low-profile optic mounting. Optional 30 MOA Weaver/Picatinny rails are available for those who prefer a higher optic mounting position, with both low and high variants compatible with either the mini or mega magazine.
  9. Loading and Filling: Loading the FX DRS is simple, thanks to the smooth side lever action on the right side. Additionally, refilling the air reservoir is convenient with the presence of a fill port on the right side, accommodating a standard fill probe for easy refills.

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