Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm
Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm
Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm
Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm
Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm
Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm
Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm
Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm
Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm

Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm

The Diana CO2 Trailscout Synthetic 4.5 mm air rifle is a versatile and powerful addition to Diana’s lineup, offering a unique combination of features for a remarkable shooting experience.

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Diana Trailscout CO2 Air rifle 4.5 mm

With a robust energy output of 11.5 Joules and a velocity of 200 m/s, the Trailscout operates on CO2, providing a convenient and efficient power source. This air rifle delivers above-average power for a CO2-powered model, ensuring accurate and consistent shots.

The Trailscout boasts a bolt-action cocking system, contributing to its smooth and precise functionality. What sets it apart is the integrated suppressor, making the rifle exceptionally quiet during operation. This feature adds a layer of stealth to your shooting experience, making it an ideal choice for discreet target

Designed for versatility, the Diana Trailscout comes with an ambidextrous synthetic stock, ensuring a comfortable grip for both left and right-handed shooters. The stock’s material not only adds durability but also contributes to the overall lightweight design, making it easy to handle at just 2.1 Kg. practice.

The Diana Trailscout comes complete with essential accessories. It includes a magazine with a 9-round capacity, a sound suppressor for reduced noise levels, and a CO2 cartridge adapter. The open sights provide a reliable aiming option, and the 11mm/Dovetail rail allows for the attachment of a preferred scope for enhanced accuracy, especially when shooting at 25 meters.

To maximize performance, it’s recommended to use three new CO2 cartridges for each shooting session. While the Trailscout can deliver around 100 shots per session, it’s important to note that decreasing CO2 pressure may impact accuracy over time, resulting in larger shot groupings

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